TV & Film

Renowned as a highly creative and flexible full-service stage & set manufacturer, we offer fast turnaround, cost effectiveness and solid engineering. Our clients depend on us for our expertise honed from over 20 years of industry experience. Our innovative in-house designers create your vision on paper and our skilled carpenters and production crew bring it to life.

Our Custom Design, Fabrication, and Installation services include:

* Sports Casts, News Rooms & Main Broadcast Set Design, Construction & Retrofitting *
* Control Rooms, Projection Rooms & Studio Suites * Anchor Desks * Video Walls *
* Themed Areas * Custom Props, Inserts, Accessories & Marquettes * Stages and Sets for TV *

* Simulated Objects, Flats & Backgrounds * Scenic Painting, Special Finishes & Facades *

* Seamless Integration with Lighting & Special Effects * Prefabrication, Professional Installation, Turnkey Assembly, Transportable Sub-Assemblies *