Marketing & Displays

Getting your brand noticed and your message heard can be difficult in a competitively populated consumer market. Unit 11 designs and builds custom experiential and promotional marketing displays of all sizes for budding and blossomed businesses. From large displays such as the iconic Toronto LED lit sculpture to custom pop up shops or trade show booths and kiosks to smaller displays such as logo upfronts, Unit 11 is your go to partner for creatively highlighting your brand.
Our Custom Design, Fabrication, and Installation services; 
* Trade show Booth or Kiosks * Pop up Shop Displays & Walls *
* Experimental or Promotional Marketing Displays * Marquees & Signs *
* Branded Feature Pieces, LED or Video integrated * Logo Upfronts *
* Lobby Feature Pieces * Seasonal Lobby Staging * 
* Window Display Installations *

* Prefabrication, Professional Installation, Turnkey Assembly, Transportable Sub-Assemblies *