TV & Film Set Design

Unit 11 is a talented set and stage design company.  Accustomed to working with tight deadlines, we provide fast turnarounds, solid engineering, and cost-effective services.

We can create, fabricate, and install a custom set design for a range of TV and film applications. Allow us to craft your anchor desks, video walls, studio suites, control rooms, themed areas, and stages or sets. Our set design company can take care of all your design, construction, and retrofitting needs, and handle the small touches, such as custom props and maquettes, simulated objects, and facades.

Our clients depend on us for our expertise honed from over 20 years of industry experience. Our innovative in-house designers create your vision on paper and our skilled carpenters and production crew bring it to life.

Our Custom Design, Fabrication, and Installation services include:
  • Sports Casts, News Rooms & Main Broadcast Set Design, Construction & Retrofitting
  • Control Rooms, Projection Rooms, Studio Suites
  • Anchor Desks
  • Video Walls
  • Themed Areas
  • Custom Props, Inserts, Accessories, Maquettes
  • Stages & Sets for TV
  • Simulated Objects, Flats, Backgrounds
  • Scenic Paintings, Special Finishes, Facades
  • Seamless Integration with Lighting & Special Effects
  • Prefabrication, Professional Installation, Turnkey Assembly, Transportable Sub-Assemblies

See our TV & Film Portfolio Gallery here.